The Pilrim's Progress
Empire of The Ants
City of Destruction

Worldly Gaslighting / Govern•mental Tyr•ants: “Many years ago, in the realm of Apollyon, past the garden of four rivers, and in the region of Abaddon, there stood an old city. Its name in the ancient tongue was Noit Curtsed. But time and speech, and a brilli•ant mind named Lux, soon set upon the more pleasant name of Not Cursed. Though some would have thought it wishful thinking, for the city was indeed cursed with perpetual decay, leaving the in•habit•ants no choice but to labor perpetually for the very sake of their existence. Years, decades, and centuries past, and the city grew in number and labor. Ruling over it, were the supervisors, descend•ants of Lux. Brilliant organizers, they kept the city in existence by the oversight of endless shifts and schedules. … Work was paramount, which is why such a commotion resulted one day, when it was discovered that...” ― Narrator [Jasmine Jones] in The Pilgrim's Progress (2019)

Engender Enlightening / Empowered Individuals: "You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up. Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one. And if they ever figure that out, there goes our way of life! It's not about food, it's about keeping those ants in line."A Bug's Life (1998)

"The Whole Law System Is Truly Evil." ― Michael Lancaster,
(Organic Portals, Matrix Control System, Karma, Family Dynamics, Self Empowerment, Path to Awakening)

Pernicious Psychological Abuse and Torture:
The Effects of Gaslighting” ― Christine Louis de Canonville

"Narcissists Change the Rules of Your Relationship To Suit Themselves" ― by Annie, (Gentlekindness Coaching)

Psychopathic Legalist Commandments - Obey The Rules: Narcissists Change the Rules of Your Relationship To Suit Themselves  |  'Commandments cannot give you what you seek, Christian. It will only be a reminder, that you are not able to keep them all. Legality can never rid you of your burden you know. -- When legality comes toppling down, we are catapulted to the way. The way that ah... you left off following.' ― Evangelist [John Rhys-Davies] in The Pilgrim's Progress (2019)

Gnostic / Gnosis: "God gave many commandments and from them came so many rules. Christ gives only one commandment: love thy brother and thy sister as thy self. You see if we all do this we are not in need of any other rules. Christ and god are not as one. As a matter of fact Christ came here around two thousand years ago to get rid of him." ― Mark Cordova, (The Secret and the Truth of the Ages)

Hyper-religious / Legalistic: "Do they love God and truth, or are they only hyper-religious and legalistic? That's another thing. Does a person have love in their heart, like do they care? -- Does their ideas about god and faith, is it about... really loving people and being compassionate and being helpful? Or is it all about... hyper-religious, and laws and rules and... a rigid kind of thinking, of they get so caught up in... rules and regulations and... cutting people off" ― Deborah Waters, Niches of Narcissism, (33 Questions You MUST Start Asking To Screen For Narcissists)

Identifying the Psychopath: “Join Michael and David for an in depth discussion about a pressing and vital subject. What are the differences between Mystic-Sages and Psychopaths? Even if you never encounter a full blown psychopath, you will meet neurotics, obsessive-compulsives, sado-masochists, schizophrenics, narcissists and energy vampires. How can you effectively defend yourself against their cunning devices? Michael and David provide a detailed help list to assist and empower you to effectively detect and overcome the evil in our midst.” ― unslaved, (Episode 51: Sage Vs. Psychopath - How to Tell the Difference)

Ruling / Con•trolling: "Workplace Mobbing is engineered to cause offense and distress to a targeted individual or targeted group: 'Mobbing causes prejudice, withholds information in order for you not to complete your job, isolates you physically and socially, holds meetings about your work without your presence, changes rules frequently, portrays the victimized person as being at fault, engineered to discredit, confuse, intimidate, and force the person into submission, and committed with the intent to force the person out.' (Davenport, Schwartz, and Elliott. 1999, 41-44)." ― ExposeAustinTexas, (Workplace Mobbing, Institutional Racism, Gang Stalking, Personality Disorders, and Malfeasance.)

Ruling Opportunists: "The defining factor with every narcissist is a complete disconnect from conscience resulting in a total lack of empathy. Narcissists cannot feel remorse; instead, they receive pleasure from hurting others. Those who have empathy cannot possibly be a narcissist. -- Narcissists have only the cruelest intentions and typically place themselves in positions of power; lawyer, doctor, government, clergy, administration, CEO, business owner so they can exercise their superiority over others and the abuse of power can begin. Some victims become completely dependent on the narcissist for their survival. Narcissists use this to their advantage as they manipulate everyone, fooling even those closest to them, while their ulterior motives go undetected. They feed their victim a stream of lies and expect it to be embraced as reality; the victim mixes the narcissist's lies with their own reality. A stream of false accusations is presented, which wears down the victim over time and sparks some intense emotional reactions. Victims are left trying to make sense of it all while they are constantly on guard, trying to defend something that doesn't exist. The narcissist wants the victim to appear crazy and unstable and will use their emotional outburst to back up this claim." — 'The Gaslighting Effect: A Revealing Look at Psychological Manipulation and Narcissistic Abuse' — by Reva Steenbergen, (This book is dedicated to victims of abuse who didn't make it out alive. May their voices echo through the pages of this book.)

Unsane Society: “…in our particular age, we need to be understanding something about the anatomy of evil, if we're ever going to see the back of evil, ever to be rid of it once and for all. And in professional circles, we notice that experts are loathed to even use the term evil. We hear them speak of brain disease, mental derangement, antisocial behavior and even insanity. We might question that these institutions that ostensibly, are there to cure these disorders, also profit from them, profit from their existence. Some argue, that they manufacture disease. And the low levels of success that they have with treating depression and suicide, is in my opinion, based on their fundamental misconceptions about pathology. We hear a lot about disorders, but, when do we ever hear about energy, or bioenergy, or chi or prana, or life force? And we live in a sea of other people, a plasma of human beings. And we go around assuming that our energy is similar to other people. Well, we are rationally going around thinking that just because someone is nice, they must have a conscience. Well, when it comes to vampires, they may be nice... but they have no conscience, and don't care about your welfare at all. They are the chameleons, the human predators, the parasites if you will. And they're very hard to detect. All manner of experts and psychiatrists, have been duped by their facade. The information we present here, will be a great help to you, should you suffer at their hands. But even if you never encounter a full blown vampiristic type, you may find yourself at some point, in the company of neurotics, narcissists, and sociopaths. Again, this information that we provide now, will be a great help. Now this research takes us to the heart of human psychology, to the heart of who we are. Ultimately, it's about how to stay sane in an unsane world. […] Psychologists like Eric Fromm, are really aware that these so called disorders, are basically surface disorders. They themselves have a deeper etiology. A deeper and earlier cause. They overlie something even more profound, even more deeply seeded in the psyche. Fromm says that; 'most of the symptoms that are given by mainstream psychologists and psychiatrists for people, are themselves but side effects of deeper psychic issues. So when we hear terms like depression, or split personality, or obsessive compulsive etc, we think that this explains something. When it only partially diagnoses the situation. A greater existential condition exists, below these comfortably vague technical phrases.' […] When it comes to the actual origin of these so called disorders, we've already seen that they grow out of a chronic need for approval, as well as the avoidance of self knowledge. They arise from our misuse of free will. Because some have argued, that free will, only applies to whether we choose to be ourselves or not. And that's worth repeating again, that's right, many philosophers, many psychologists have said look, the only free will you really have, is the free will to decide whether you're going to be yourself or not. […] Arno Gruen lets us know that if we have a false self, we will probably experience false love. He says; 'a man fights for a self that is not a true self, it's only a shell, dependant on abstractions that do not serve life itself, but rather its concealment. The great misfortune, is that disregarding what our heart tells us, we live according to the ideology of a mutilated self, going along with preprogrammed kinds of love, that are not love at all. In addition, there are people who play, as it were, a game within a game of being loved. They, are the truly evil ones. They hide their actions behind the lie of being loving, and in so doing, manage to get by.' […] We've seen that the medical profession, is certainly interested in perpetuating sickness. Or if not even manufacturing, these disorders. Ties in with our comments on society, doesn't it?” ― Michael Tsarion, (Psychic Vampirism: The Roots Of Evil Exposed)

Peter Leyshan - Whist Echo, (SOüL)

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