WHAT IS THE MATRIX Consciousness Mind-Virus?

WHAT IS THE MATRIX?: The Virus, Anti-Virus, and 2021 Timeline Shift EXPLAINED

MAGIC IS A CON GAME: Learn The Magicians Tricks & Navigate The Matrix

IMMUNE TO BELIEF SYSTEM (BS): The Gnostic Truth - How to get out of the MAtrix

IMMUNE TO BINARY SYSTEM (BS): The Matrix Virus - We Refuse to Be Assimilated

HOW TO GET OUT: Total model of reality and how to escape reincarnation cycle. The Real Matrix!

KNOWER OF SELF: “The race was not given to the quick or the swift, but to the one who could endure till the end, then we found out there was no end. The unwary soul, who fails to grapple with the Mocking Demon of Illusion, will return to the Earth as the slave of Illusion. To become a true master of fate you must first become a ‘Knower of Self’.”
— James Evans Bomar III, (The Code To The Matrix)

THE CODE TO THE MATRIX - by James Evans Bomar III

PERMANENT AGENTS: “At least we know now, there's different types of consciousness. There's human consciousness, which I see in myself, and I see in many other poeple. These are individualised conscious beings. They know there's something wrong with the reality, they don't want to be here, our minds have been wiped, we've been reincarnated―who knows how many times, ...we know the learning thing is all bullshit, we just want to get out. And of course we know about A.I. consciousness now, and ya know, …some people may be like organic portals—they call them, or non-player characters. These are people that may have some kind of hive-mind consciousness, they certainly don't act the same way I do. There are mindless people out there, that do mindless things. … They seem to just be always part of group think, and maybe that's all they are. I don't know. Or maybe their individualised consciousness has been so crushed by this matrix, that they just have lost themselves here. […] We are constantly being programmed to fear… …guilt.” — OverwatchProject, (Total model of reality and how to escape reincarnation cycle. The Real Matrix!)

TRANCE STATE / BELIEF SYSTEM [BS] / A PRISON FOR YOUR MIND: “A person (mind) locked in the Matrix-Simulacra won't respond with an open mind. Instead, they will ridicule me or my source; they fidget, get nervous or agitated, and even become threatening or violent. This behavior is well known to NLP therapists when their client is being questioned as to their issue. EXACT IDENTICAL BEHAVIOR. Why? (The answer has already been stated above). To recap, people unable to open their jail cell of beliefs will respond as if I'm INSANE to question anything outside their ‘reality.’ […] One's Matrix-Simulacra prison becomes apparent when they refuse to discuss, forget even analyze, their BELIEFS. […] Ask the Matrix Simulacra hypnotized person to be specific (they don't know how--thanks to our ‘Educational System’). […] Remember the Key Maker in the Matrix movie? Questions = Keys. How you question matters! […] Thus, it begs us to question: Are YOU ‘thinking’ when you REFUSE to question? Are people ‘thinking’ when they are not ALLOWED to question? […] If you are not curious to explore your own beliefs about where they came from, are they legit, and if your views are being used to control you...if you're not interested enough to EXPLORE...then you're under what they call in NLP, ‘TRANCE.’ Trance is the GOAL of NLP used by others to make others do what they would not normally do if provided with the complete picture details of the deal. Either your belief system rules YOU...or you use it as a guide and can OPEN your mind to look beyond the STORY you're presented. Either you're in charge of yourself, and your mind--or someone else IS.” ― Reptilian Insider, (Surrounded by people stuck in the MATRIX of their Belief Systems...(Prison). Read HOW to UNPLUG!)

Peter Leyshan - Whist Echo, (SOüL)

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